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Do You Know Your Features?

I once heard a pastor say that everything is a sermon illustration. That may or may not be true, but I believe everything has a lesson to teach if we will take the time to learn. Let me illustrate: I have a tablet that I carry with me every day. Not the pen-and-ink kind, but the electronic kind. I bought a case for it from Wal-Mart, choosing the one I bought for the color (purple) and the reasonable price. I also liked the contraptions used to hold the tablet in place. I got it home, ripped it open, put the tablet in, and never looked back.

I have carried this thing for months, day in and day out. I have propped it up on my desk at work for music and for break-time YouTube viewing. I have connected the tablet to the sound system at the church almost every Sunday. I have folded the cover a million ways. But one day I pulled my tablet out and it was different. It was at a slightly different angle inside the case – one I had never seen before. As I began to try to straighten it out, lamenti…

What is this Noise I am Hearing?

It's amazing how the human mind works. I have a thing about pens. I love them – all styles and all colors. But I particularly like gel pens, and rollerball pens. Until recently, I had never met a pen I didn't like. But just a few days ago I bought a new set. They look good, and the colors are nice. But they make noise! And they don't write as well as I had hoped.
These pens are disturbing my peace. Some of them write well depending on what paper I am writing on, but every pen in the set makes a strange noise as I am writing. I don't like the strange noise. It sounds bad on notebook paper; it is even worse on printer paper.
I keep twisting the barrels, trying to tighten them up somehow. The noise is bothering me. I don't know if the pens are falling apart or cutting up my paper as I write with them. I don't like strange noise!
Thinking about that – my aversion to strange noise – got me to thinking about God. Why? Because nearly everything gets me to thinking abo…

Nothing Else Matters

Christ is All in All
I am sitting here trying to understand how to operate my new laptop.The TV is on, the air conditioning is humming loudly, and I am sitting here alone.I have two spiral notebooks at my side, and a variety of colorful pens.That’s how I usually blow off steam – writing about what is on my mind. Today, I have been pondering my ministry.I am the Pastor of Eternal Word Fellowship Church. It is a great church, but it is not yet thriving as I hoped it would be.I am praying that I not be controlled by numbers. I am praying that I will do all the Lord has put in my heart regardless of how others respond.I used to worry a lot about the people that I felt turned their backs on me.Sometimes I wondered if they actively opposed what I was trying to do.Can Christians actually be blackballed? As you can see, my mind is racing, thoughts flowing, past, present, and future all ripe for consideration.
But today, sitting here, I realize that nothing else matters.Marvin Sapp sings a song w…

Six Things Every Small Church Wishes Their Pastor Knew

I have only been a member of a few churches in my lifetime, and most of those congregations averaged less than 100 members (which, by the way, experts say is true of the majority of American churches). While attending one of those churches, I wrote this list, without the commentary that follows each number.Now that I am pastoring a small church, I am trying my best to take heed of the following in leading my small congregation. It is written from the members’ perspective, because that is the one I know well. This is strictly an opinion piece – one woman’s opinion.
1.Being small does not make us inferior
Being small only makes us small; it does not make us inherently better or worse than any other church. Our size can be an advantage because it lends itself to intimacy.Every time you berate the church or even speak harshly against other churches for being large, you are giving in to the spirit of comparison. That spirit will keep you from giving your absolute best to whatever number of…