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Six Things Every Small Church Wishes Their Pastor Knew

I have only been a member of a few churches in my lifetime, and most of those congregations averaged less than 100 members (which, by the way, experts say is true of the majority of American churches). While attending one of those churches, I wrote this list, without the commentary that follows each number.Now that I am pastoring a small church, I am trying my best to take heed of the following in leading my small congregation. It is written from the members’ perspective, because that is the one I know well. This is strictly an opinion piece – one woman’s opinion.
1.Being small does not make us inferior
Being small only makes us small; it does not make us inherently better or worse than any other church. Our size can be an advantage because it lends itself to intimacy.Every time you berate the church or even speak harshly against other churches for being large, you are giving in to the spirit of comparison. That spirit will keep you from giving your absolute best to whatever number of…