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Nothing Else Matters

Christ is All in All
I am sitting here trying to understand how to operate my new laptop.The TV is on, the air conditioning is humming loudly, and I am sitting here alone.I have two spiral notebooks at my side, and a variety of colorful pens.That’s how I usually blow off steam – writing about what is on my mind. Today, I have been pondering my ministry.I am the Pastor of Eternal Word Fellowship Church. It is a great church, but it is not yet thriving as I hoped it would be.I am praying that I not be controlled by numbers. I am praying that I will do all the Lord has put in my heart regardless of how others respond.I used to worry a lot about the people that I felt turned their backs on me.Sometimes I wondered if they actively opposed what I was trying to do.Can Christians actually be blackballed? As you can see, my mind is racing, thoughts flowing, past, present, and future all ripe for consideration.
But today, sitting here, I realize that nothing else matters.Marvin Sapp sings a song w…