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Prayer Break

Father, I am writing this in obedience to your command. I thank you for your covering over your people even when they are in the throes of sleep and dreams. Thank you for dispatching your angels to stand guard around us, protecting us from danger that is hidden, as well as that which is clear and present. Lord, I pray right now for those who are standing in the valley of decision, trying to decipher what they are to do. I ask you to give clear direction, release wisdom from on high, and send your warrior angels to deal with demonic resistance.

God, you are calling your people to arise and take authority over all the works of the enemy. Even now some of our coworkers are contemplating violence, living lives of quiet desperation. Lord, help us to see their need and address it by the power of the Spirit. There are some whose relationships are torn, and we have not mended them. Hearts are broken, and we have not applied the Balm of Gilead. Even in Your Kingdom, Lord, there are tho…