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Celebrate Love

I just want to encourage you to celebrate love - regardless of your marital status. So many times when one is single, they feel annoyed at holidays, such as Valentine's Day, that seem to emphasize their singleness or exalt marriage. What many singles may not realize is that sometimes married people are not excited about Valentine's Day either. It could be that the celebration has become a farce, as two people are more like cohabitants than loving spouses. For some, it may be another day of dashed dreams and unrealized expectations.

But we should all celebrate love because God loves us universally, without regard to whether or not we are attached to another person. His love motivated Him to give us all the very best He had. John 3:16 lets us know that the gift of eternal life was motivated by the love of God. Too many times we seek fulfillment through a person, not realizing that they cannot give us what we need - they do not have the capacity to satisfy our soul.

We have g…