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What Easter Means to Me

Many years ago, I had to give a speech in Sunday School by this title. At that time, I did not know a lot about Easter, but I knew that it was a celebration of life. We used to sing about life - He rose from the dead! We were excited about Christ and all of the events surrounding the resurrection. It meant everything that the Blood had signed our names.

Of course, as kids we were also excited about candy and about dressing up in new clothes. The smaller we were, it seemed the bigger the Easter basket. My mom made Easter baskets for us until we were well into our teens.

When I was really small, I remember sitting in the kitchen, getting my hair pressed on the day before Easter. The importance of putting our best foot forward for the Lord was impressed upon us from our earliest days.

Now people have a very casual approach to God and to His presence. We come before him any way we please - and get mad if we feel He does not accept it. But back to Easter.

I am so glad that I understand …

God Is In Control