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I Yield

My heart and soul are stirred. I hope that someone else is feeling the same way. Why am I stirred? Because I care about people. I want to see us walking in love and unity, especially within the Body of Christ. It is so important that we learn to get along. The only way this can happen is if we yield sometimes. We have to give up our right to be right (not our right to be righteous). Sometimes, even if only mentally, we have to be able to say, "I yield. It's not my turn to have the upper hand; I don't have to have the last word; I don't have to prove how smart or powerful I am."

We all (if we are honest) desire to be loved and appreciated. We sometimes desire to be exalted and admired. I think that is part of our nature as human beings. But we get messed up when we let these natural desires stand in the way of our better judgment - our Godly judgment. We must be able to let go - not only of what hurts us, but sometimes of things we want. If it is truly for us, let…