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Dear Woman of God

The Lord asked me to say a few things to you today, June 1, 2017. I thought maybe He was speaking directly to me (I needed to hear this). But as I went about my day, avoiding what I thought He told me to do (which I know you never do), I was more convinced than ever that this message was not just for me. It is, indeed, for you.

Dear Woman of God,

You are beautiful and anointed. You are special and powerful. You were chosen for this moment, and born for this hour. The Lord has need of you. He wants you to step forward, step further, and be convinced that it is He calling you to do so. Woman of God, you do not need to be approved or validated by any other; the Lord has approved you. You do not need to wait to get ready. You are ready!

There are some areas in your life that need correcting, tweaking. Yes, this is true. I say this not to condemn you, but to encourage you. The Lord is coming to work on your behalf! He is going to perfect those things that concern you. He is not going to …