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I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world. Romans 1:8

Just a Thought

Sometimes I wonder who has time to read the thousands of blog posts that are made every day. I ask myself, "Who is going to read this stuff?" every time I get ready to write.

And then I realize I may never know. I may never know who is reading this blog, looking for insight and encouragement. I may never know who saw a video posted on this blog that helped them make it a little further down the road. I may never know who was changed by something they read. I may never know who was reminded that despite difficulties, all is not lost. Life goes on, and I may never know who I have touched.

At least not on this side of eternity. There are so many things that are simply unknown to us. So instead of thinking that what we do makes no difference, I encourage you to think that what you do may make all the difference in the world to someone you may never meet on this side of eternity.

One thing is sure: on the other side of eternity, you will know some things you cannot possi…

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Be encouraged! You are closer to a miracle than you think.
Celebrating birth of my granddaughter, Brielle Aaliyah, born 10/9/09 @ 8:03 am.
Uncommon people face common problems everyday. The difference is in the response. What's your response gonna be?
Reflections on Eternity - October 2009 now available for your edification at Check it out!