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s and peace to you from Darryl & Catrina Blount
Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving, but today we are most thankful for those God has given us to love. That includes you and your awesome family! Blessing
Praising the Lord, Elohim, the one who is worthy to be praised! What or who do you ascribe worth to?
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I am sitting here without the benefit of my extra eyes writing about freedom. Just because the topic popped into my head.

What is freedom? How do we know when we are truly free?

Some say that freedom is when you reach a certain age. Then, they say, you can do whatever you want to do. But is that true? Is there ever really a time in your life when you can do whatever you want? I haven’t found that time so far in my life. When you are a child, you do what the parent wants. When you are an adult, you do what the employer wants, or if you own your own business, you do what the business needs. When you are a parent, you do what the child needs (isn’t that something? I switched from wants to needs). It is the truth.

When you are not saved, you do what the devil wants. And the killing part is you think you’re free. Until you find out that you can’t just stop. Until you discover that you just can’t help it. That’s when you realize you are not free at all.

But once you come to …