Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Break

Father, I am writing this in obedience to your command. I thank you for your covering over your people even when they are in the throes of sleep and dreams. Thank you for dispatching your angels to stand guard around us, protecting us from danger that is hidden, as well as that which is clear and present. Lord, I pray right now for those who are standing in the valley of decision, trying to decipher what they are to do. I ask you to give clear direction, release wisdom from on high, and send your warrior angels to deal with demonic resistance.

God, you are calling your people to arise and take authority over all the works of the enemy. Even now some of our coworkers are contemplating violence, living lives of quiet desperation. Lord, help us to see their need and address it by the power of the Spirit. There are some whose relationships are torn, and we have not mended them. Hearts are broken, and we have not applied the Balm of Gilead. Even in Your Kingdom, Lord, there are those who are in need of healing and restoration. Let your people arise to become an instrument of restoration. We know that you are allowing us to be tested and tried, we know that our hidden sin is being exposed, and we repent for harboring any thought, attitude, or action that is contrary to your will. We acknowledge that false religion is rampant, and that even the very elect is being deceived by watered-down forms of Christianity. Your word declares that many of us have zeal, but not according to knowledge. Your word also tells us that some of us have a form of godliness, but we have denied the very power that godliness provides. Help us to turn from our wicked ways. Heal our land. Forgive our sin. Help us to reclaim our children, and our children's children, for you. We declare that we will no longer sit idly by and speak negatively about our youth; rather, we will embrace them and teach them about you with purity and Godly sincerity. We will not shake our heads in despair over our situations - over challenges - over disappointments - over failures - but instead we will arise and praise you.

God we bless you for healing in our families, friends, and surroundings. We believe in prosperity of mind, body, soul, spirit, finances, homes, businesses, employers, ministries, churches, pastors, leaders - all that you desire to bless. Our prayer is collective - we believe, and we receive. We thank you, we honor you, we adore you, we trust you, Lord, we bless you! You are indeed the source of our strength. You are without a doubt the strength of our lives. Even now we lift our hands and bless you. We give you total praise. We thank you for sending your Son to die for us, and we thank you that he has risen from the dead. We thank you for the gift of eternal, abundant life. We thank you that both now - in this time - and in the life to come, you will restore all that has been taken from us by our enemies. Let God arise, and the enemy be scattered! And teach us, again, to fight together, warring on each other's behalf, for release and for increase. Let your prophets speak, and your anointing flow, until the glory of the Lord is revealed throughout the earth. In the powerful name of Jesus, we offer this prayer. Amen.